Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A telegram from 1971...

You may recall a little over two months ago we began our endeavour to find our way back home to the 21st century after a strange occurrence struck our studio, leaving us stranded in 1971. Thanks to the likes of Stuart Maconie we made a short return to 2013. However, with analogue equipment being like it is - volatile! - we have once again been thrown through the decades by an 'interdecadel' time warp and spat out the other side of 1971. I mean I shouldn't complain really, it's very pleasant; less cars, less media bombardment, better music, but aside from this, it's not where we belong. Therefore I am now on my second mission to contact everyone I know of, in the BBC, via Post Office telegram. (see fig. 1) Hopefully someone there will have the reversal formula.

fig. 1

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