Friday, 12 April 2013

The Pink Ballroom
The night before I did a gig with my lovely little friend, the marvelous, Laura J Martin, I had the strangest dream. Never before had I seen The Brudenell Social Club in such vivid colour. A room full of lavish ball gowns and ostentatious attire, huge tables covered in silk and a stage fronted with Psychedelic candied fruit. The importance of the occasion unnerved me somewhat, especially when I realised the zip on my dress was undone. Like an uncanny Cinderella scenario, in the depths of Yorkshire, this midnight un-wedding was showing my innermost anxiety and all because the lady was having trouble placing her harmonies. Wake up Fuzz, it will all be alright!

Well you will be pleased to know it all turned out ok in the end; a few beers later and the anxiety subsided. Little pixie Martin, you were magnificent and Mélanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague) you were rather flipping cool. Mais bien sur!

Laura J Martin, the night before, at ATA Studios
Post by Fuzzy Jones

Ps. I think I'll join a gospel choir next week.

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