Friday, 22 March 2013

Nothing can kill the beast....
It turns out that to stop a hammond from working you have to grind it to a pulp. My C3 has been in a fire and has the scars to prove it. With a little aloe vera, surgical scissors and a sterilised pin to burst its blisters, the beast is fully working just got to hook up t'leslie and we are off! by Neil Innes 


  1. Dreams are so wonderful. They often are the subconscious seeping through to the forefront of the creative mind, informing, directing, advising rather than the neurotic kind which are about obsession or repression. Rich dreams of opulence speak of comfort, indulgence, happiness and satiated desires they are the cupcakes of the mind's cafe and the joy they leave one are like the wonderful satisfaction left by a perfect cup of tea. Hmmm ever been to Vienna in your dreams?

  2. Oo, I like your's making me want to eat cupcakes. No, I've never been to Vienna in my dreams; maybe tonight? :)